Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Knock On A Branding Agency’s Door.

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Entrepreneurs often tend to miss the branding step in their journey to entrepreneurship. They usually focus on the product attributes, where they want to promote it, where they want to be sold, but don’t think about how to define their unique story. Some entrepreneurs believe that their product will sell itself. Competition is steep and buyers need to be convinced that this product will please an everyday consumer, which is why entrepreneurs need to capitalize on a unique and authentic brand story.

David Kanter, founder of Bamboozlers, knocked on our door with his amazing crafted cocktail  for assistance with packaging design. David did not realize at the beginning of his journey how positioning his brand would be crucial to sell his differentiated cocktails. We worked closely with David and his partners to develop a focused brand story that became the foundation of his new brand, Bamboozlers.

“It’s not enough that the juice in the bottle is great-tasting. The entire “package” has to be special. Spring Design Partners understood that we had a unique product in need of exceptional branding and they nailed it! We consistently receive accolades for our branding and that helps turn prospects into customers all through the pipeline.” David Kanter, Founder of Bamboozlers.

After a brief 3 months development period, David Kanter formally launched Bamboozlers in Florida in the Spring of 2016 as a highly differentiated, new brand within the ready to drink spirits segment. While competition has been challenging, the initial sell-in effort was successful in gaining on and off-premise placement in over 40 outlets including Fontainebleau, Ritz Carlton (multiple locations), Lowes (multiple locations), Inter Continental Miami, and Trump International Beach Resort.

Similar to Bamboozlers, a local entrepreneur Joe Santos partnered with Spring Design Partners when he launched Brooklyn Gin in 2011.

“While our gin tastes fantastic, the bottle has single-handedly opened more doors for us than anything else. It’s great to see a consumer’s reaction when they see Brooklyn Gin for the first time. I couldn’t be more grateful for the time and effort Spring Design put into creating a design that truly captures the essence of our brand. Without their creativity, I would be just another gin.” Joe Santos, Founder/Craft Distiller, Brooklyn Gin

Brooklyn Gin exceeded their first year allotment in the first 2 months of launch. GQ magazine called it one of “The Best Made American Gins”, and won many awards including the World Best Gin design in 2014.

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