Leveraging AI in Marketing Research

Even if big data is driving the market, we truly believe market research needs empathy and emotional understanding to apply it correctly. Brands need to put consumers at the heart of everything they do, and we need to understand our consumer in ways we have not before.

As a brand owner, you need to learn from your consumers, act like them and create products based on their interests. Your brands must create unique and authentic consumer experiences that will resonate with consumers. In doing so, you’ll prove to your consumer you understand them. Consumers need to lead your brand’s evolution.

Taking a Consumer-centric Approach

We saw the success of a consumer-centric approach when working recently with Newell Brands on their Ball brand. We worked with Newell to develop a unique jar shape that truly celebrated the sense of community, femininity and warmth, which are key equities of the Ball brand. A keen understanding of this community, what was important to them and their relationship with the Ball brand, led the effort.

The result was the Sharing Mason Jar, which tapped into the Ball consumer’s desire to share the things they make with the people they love. However, Ball took the concept a step further and integrated a philanthropic effort where a donation to Feeding America was made for every purchase. Ball succeeded in creating a strong community around their new product with a truly relevant new product innovation.

Understanding the consumer beyond the brand

The challenge for many brands is how to gain a deeper understanding of the consumer that goes beyond the relationship with the brand. New technologies and access to data may be one of the keys to unlocking a deeper awareness of consumer needs and behaviors.

AI has emerged as a possible option to better understand consumers on a deep level. It can be a bit scary, but embracing it may offer a great advantage. By gathering and understanding data, brands are able to adapt their offer based on consumers’ behavior quickly and efficiently. Real-time reaction to consumer trends may be possible as we embrace the insights offered by AI. And, personalization may be taken to the next level as we learn more about our consumer.

3 things to know about Consumer Research powered by AI:

1. AI is Cost Efficient – Machines collecting data are cheaper than humans collecting data

2. AI is Smarter – Constant analysis of consumer behavior through AI results in predictive analytics which help marketers make more informed decisions

3. AI Learns in Real-time – Traditional research is fixed in time. AI learns in real-time and is constantly evolving and learning

While it may be scary, AI is an interesting tool to help understand your consumer better. Are you ready to embrace it?

Image Copyright Karolis Janulis / Offset.com