PRESS | How can culture provide clues to brands looking to find relevance?

Posted by | January 12, 2016 | PRESS | No Comments

Meghan Labot, Managing Director of Spring Design Partners recently spoke to AdWeek about how brands need to start paying attention to shifting culture in order to find relevance.

In “How Barnes and Noble is Hitting Back Against Amazon- With Coloring Books” Labot comments questions the use of novel events to facilitate transactions and challenges retailers to think bigger, saying “It would be wise for Barnes & Noble to think about how they can truly re-image their brand experience, beyond adding a coffee shop or coloring station.”

In “View-Master is Waking from its decade long slumber, thanks to virtual reality” Labot believes that Generation Z will be the next big group that marketers covet, but in order to win them over like any other generation, we have to challenge ourselves to deliver beyond their expectations.”

images sourced from: Adweek