Why It Pays To Work With A Small Agency.

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Celebrating our Davey Award for Bamboozlers, we had a conversation with Spring Design Partners Vice President/Creative Director, Daniel Andersson, about the advantages of working with a small agency. Daniel worked for many years at Brand Union, a branding agency owned by the publically traded multinational advertising and public relations company WPP, and can acutely feel the difference between working for an independent small agency versus a big agency.

Agility and Efficiency

“Apart from the fact that there is less politics and drama, and more doing, creatively speaking, it’s much more interesting to tailor specific teams for each project. It’s inspirational for everybody to work on many projects and different clients big and small. One day a team of designers will work for a big brand with strict guidelines and the next they are able to work for a startup without any creative limitation. Of course the pressure is higher in a small agency, it’s up to us to bring big ideas and deliver them, but it’s an inclusive process of decision-making.”

Small Agency ≠ Small Ideas

“I don’t think the quality of ideas is related to the size of the agency. When there are less people involved you develop a more intimate relationship with the client and can deliver elevated ideas faster and more efficiently.”

Superior Business Model

“The industry is dramatically changing and our clients’ expectations are too. We have to adapt our model for our clients, but also for the next generation of designers. Independent agencies can more easily adapt to this shift. In a world where on-demand is king, it appears obvious to offer personalized services to each client. We leverage our diverse network to assemble specialized teams to bring our big idea to life. It’s a modern way of working that works for everyone.”