Luxury POV: The Luxury of Savoring

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Flor de Cana Nicaraguan Rum

The Luxury of Savoring and Sipping

According to LS:N Global, consumers taste in spirits are continuing to mature. With a bevy of choices in front of them from handcrafted gins to uniquely aged whiskeys, consumers’ palates are developing at a rapid pace. Until recently flavor has been the primary driver of choice, but as consumers look to enjoy the complexity of flavors in front of them, they are recognizing the need to slow down and truly appreciate the experience. As a result, we are seeing an emergence of slowly sipping and savoring straight liquor as a new consumer behavior. This new luxury behavior is elevating the experience of straight liquor to a place of refined sophistication, providing brands from all segments of the category an opportunity to find relevance in a new way.

Reflecting Luxury Behavior Through Design