Tequila That Breaks Rules

Blue Nectar Tequila is a family-owned super premium tequila that breaks with tradition to deliver a uniquely and smooth tequila experience. However, the brands visual narrative was not supporting communication of the unique product story. There was an opportunity for Blue Nectar to visually move beyond the category vernacular and differentiate the brand on shelf in the same way that the liquid stood apart from other competitive brands.

How do you communicate a clear point of difference, while remaining grounded to an established segment?

Code breaking design was required to help Blue Nectar Tequila communicate a point of difference within the tequila segment and help people connect to the Blue Nectar brand. Through a pictorial deconstruction of the product attributes of Blue Nectar Tequila – balanced, agave-forward, crafted flavor – we uncovered a new visual language to reflect the unique product proposition and differentiate the brand.

The final design solution married together a telegraphic approach to brand identity and packaging. The design built off established power of agave imagery within the segment, while creating a new expression that was more refined and sophisticated.