Premium Spirits Innovation

Entrepreneur, David Kanter, came to Spring Design Partners with a line of expertly crafted “classic” cocktails made with traditional methods, high quality ingredients and bottled for single serve consumption. But a great product is not enough succeed in today’s competitive market place. David needed a brand to carry his product.

How do you build a brand around a product?

We began by defining a brand story that would establish the vision for the role the brand would play amongst the competitive set. Based on the brand story, we named the new brand “Bamboozlers”, borrowing the slang term that emerged in the 1800’s to describe a “good drink.” To anchor the brand name and aid in product communication, we established a design system for packaging to support the Bamboozlers’ story.

The design system reinforces the simplicity of Bamboozlers and tells a story of refined elegance in a way that stands out on shelf and facilitates shop ability. The result is a highly differentiated new brand within the ready to drink category that can find relevance in a hotel bar, an airplane cart, or a home bar.