An Endorsed Original

To capitalize on the resurging popularity of the Moscow Mule cocktail, legendary vodka brand Stolichnaya created a premium, non-alcoholic, ginger beer mixer to compliment their premium vodka. Spring Design Partners was enlisted to develop a packaging design that would help the new non-alcoholic product compete among traditional mixers.

How do you create an endorsed brand without denigrating your core brand equity?

Our solution began with a highly respectful treatment of the Stoli equities, surrounded by new elements that created a stand-out visual footprint for the new ginger beer. Functionality of packaging design combine with the emotional impact of iconic equities, resulting in a premium non-alcoholic mixer that offers an authentic brand experience from the House of Stolichnaya.

“Spring Design is a trusted partner and resource for the Stolichnaya brand. They delivered creative, out of the box thinking that helped Stoli communicate our core brand attributes for this unique product.”
Mike Oringer, Senior Vice President of Innovation and Trade Marketing