Traditional and Authentic Absinthe

Lucid Absinthe is credited with pioneering the absinthe market in the US as a brand committed to its French tradition and authenticity. Yet, the modern absinthe market has evolved into a category of “cheaters” with many brands taking product short cuts that have tarnished consumers’ understanding of this rich, French tradition.

How do you elevate to a leadership position as an authentic brand?

Lucid sought to reaffirm its leadership position by leveraging its French heritage and re-educating consumers on what true absinthe is. They sought the help of Spring Design Partners to re-define the category vernacular with a new packaging design that elevated above the riff-raff.

The resulting design signals a shift in perception, leveraging traditional absinthe cues in a modern context. The complexity, premiumness and refined character of Lucid are undeniable, making it a true leader in its category.