Rebellious Identity

SinFire is a playful and adventurous brand for thrill seeking males. To compete in the highly competitive flavored whiskey segment, Sinfire needed to reflect a unique personality that would connect with this consumer.

How do you convey personality in a split second?

With limited real estate on the label, we recognized that the identity of Sinfire needed to work over time. The opportunity was found in communicating the “sinful” nature of the product in a way that balances the “thrill” with the “dare.” To capture this rebellious spirit, our design team explored the visual articulation of “Sinful” to inform a new identity that would stand out and convey the unique Sinfire personality.

The final design succinctly captures the brand promise through the SinFire logotype and illustrative “S” icon. Together, these identity elements create a badge for the consumer, while also helping Sinfire gain much needed attention on shelf.