Authentically Delicious

Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads began with a simple belief that everyone deserves to enjoy great food.

How do you translate a belief into a brand?

We began by listening to the stories of our clients, the Ajmera family. Food was a focus of their family, and they wanted to share their own joy of eating great food with everyone. With their personal stories as a starting point, we defined brand positioning and brand architecture for a portfolio of ethnic flatbreads. A high standard of ingredient quality, authentic baking methods and a celebration of cultural diversity through food bound the portfolio together.

With a positioning in place, a name, identity and packaging design soon followed. The toolkit of visual assets embody the authenticity of the brand and the handcrafted nature of the product.

After a successful launch in 2011, Stonefire has since expanded to include Pizza Crust, Pita, Roti and Naan Crisps. The brand is now a $3M brand, enjoying 20% YOY growth. (Source: IRI)

“Our passion truly is quality and brand excellence is an extension of that passion. Managing our brand assets is vital to us: our brand identity is our mark of trust and therefore one of our most valuable assets.” Ojus Ajmera, Co-founder, FGF Brands

“Spring GETS IT! I can only say that we have had incredibly positive reactions to our new design from customers and consumers alike. Great company, great results.” Linda Martin, Head of Marketing, FGF Brands