Natural Luxury

Voss Artesian Water is a premium water brand from Norway served on the most refined places.

How does Voss maintain its luxury image as it transitions into the flavored water segment?

It was imperative to keep the status of the brand, and the delicacy of the product itself when extending the iconic Voss look and feel. Our design team found inspiration in botanical illustrations to help communicate a refined flavor profile for Voss. The illustration driven approach provided flexibility to the brand expression, delivering relevance across different retail environments, from premium hotels to regional supermarket.

As a premium expression of flavored sparkling water, the values, truth and spirit of Voss transforms premium to an attainable luxurious experience.

“Creating a new package design for VOSS flavored sparkling was not a simple task. Spring was challenged with creating a look that would carry forward the iconic equity of the current design. Spring started at the right place by demonstrating a clear understanding of the brand while diving into a new product strategic exploration before starting the design process. That provided a level of comfort which actually made the design phase somewhat easy. The outcome has yielded quite positive results at retail. We definitely have a hit.”
Ken Gilbert, Group Chief Marketing Officer