How we helped Hostess navigate through changing consumer attitudes and behaviors that impact choice.

The Hostess brand deserves the label of “icon” as an American brand firmly rooted in our country’s cultural fabric. However, despite its iconic status, Hostess faces many of the challenges faced by packaged food brands – how to win over the hearts and mouths of consumers who are increasingly moving toward a more healthy lifestyle. Coming out of bankruptcy in 2013, Hostess grappled with the challenge of relevance as consumer behaviors moved away from sweet snacks and baked goods. Hostess needed to find its place in the new world of healthy living.

We believe that brands must be true to who they are, even when consumer behaviors and trends may be moving in different directions. Through consumer research and brand equity evaluation, we helped Hostess remember its true self and find new relevance with today’s consumer. It comes down to “choice” and the brand message that forces consumers to choose your brand. Consumers can choose to eat a healthy diet and from time to time they may choose to indulge in something sweet. For Hostess it was about unapologetically being true to themselves, and reminding consumers of all the good feelings that come with the Hostess brand and its sweet, indulgent treats.

The results are… and with a fresh outlook on where the Hostess brand can live in the world, Hostess broadened its portfolio to include a number of new line extensions that provide consumers with even more choices when they are looking for something sweet.