Greatness Inside and Out

Despite its iconic namesake and remarkable flavored vodka credentials, Van Gogh Vodka was not getting credit for its exceptional quality and flavor.

How do you express the greatness that exists inside the bottle with greatness on the outside of the bottle?

Beyond having a keen understanding of Van Gogh the artist, it was imperative that we understand on a deep level the nuance and artistry of the Van Gogh Vodka product. Through a robust immersion process we came to recognize the true standout qualities of the Van Gogh Vodka product that had been over shadowed by its namesake. In addition, we recognized that the flavored vodka category was over developed with low-quality gimmick brands that did a disservice to Van Gogh as super-premium flavored vodka.

To move beyond the name, and forge a new path for the flavored vodka segment, our design strategy sought to simply and honestly express the original and pioneering spirit that inspire the brand at its conception. The design concept is anchored by a blank canvas upon which “Van Gogh Vodka” creates a window to an artful and vibrant expression of flavor that invites consumers into the story. Use of tactile varnishes creates a sense of texture across the distinctive brushwork, further amplifying the consumer experience.

“We have clear objectives with this packaging update. They are: Capture the millennial market and contemporize the brand for today’s consumer who is focused on authenticity and experience, while ensuring the outside design of the bottle lives up to the quality of liquid on the inside.”
Norman Bonchick, Chairman & CEO of 375 Park Avenue Spirits